Cloud Empowered Intershop Commerce Suite

Your possibility for your individual online store, only large companies could turn into reality until now.

ShopInSphere is the enterprise e-commerce solution for small and medium-sized companies.


More stable.

Availablitiy is the highest priority in the area of e-commerce. To be prepared for overloaded hardware and hardware breakdowns, ShopInSphere operates on a managed, highly available Intershop-Cluster. That’s why you will always be on the safe side.


More particular.

ShopInSphere can do more! Your store gets exactly the features, which makes the sale of your products more successful. Put us to the test!


More flexible.

With ShopInSphere small and medium-sized companies can sell their products to business customers (B2B) and as well to private customers (B2C) at the same time. Of course worldwide!

Open up the potential of e-commerce for your company. Use the advantages of ShopInSphere:


1. Highest availability.

The issue of availability in the area of e-commerce is not just any topic, but one the most important. Huge amount of data are exchanged permanently and orders are placed in every second. Customers expect a fast, secure and stable online store. Do not make it your own challenge. Make it ours! Have faith in our team, our knowledge and our software, which operates in the Amazon Cloud on a managed and high available Intershop-Cluster.


2. Individual solutions.

The aim of our work is your satisfaction! That’s why we customize the online store for our customers individually and not the other way around. The main aspect for us is always: You get exactly the product, which works perfectly and the most promising for you. Before we start working at your online store we always do a cost-benefit analysis with you. So we clear up wrong expectations and protect your nerves and keep an eye on your budget.


3. The experts of e-commerce.

We know not only what we do, we apply it successfully into practice. We are an official partner of Intershop and co-developer of the Intershop Commerce Suite and own all necessary licences and have the required experience to work successfully with the Intershop Commerce Suite. Our team consists of experts, who know exactly what is important in the subject of e-commerce. Due to continuous trainings and further qualifications of our employees our expertise is always up to date, because hardly a business is more flexible and fast-moving than a business in the internet.


4. Small team. Major advantage.

For you we work in small teams. Why? Because this is in most cases the most efficient way for achieving the goal. It is not without reason that we say: Too many cooks spoil the broth! You get an individual developer as a permanent contact person from us, who is available to assist you with any questions. Thereby we avoid losses of information and can respond very quickly and individual to your desires.


5. Product configurator instead of standard.

You would sell products with different configurations, but don’t want to create 985.639.654.067 order numbers? Use the possibility of a flexible product configurator! By that your customers can easily configure their desired product and you don’t sink in the chaos of order numbers. Sounds like a win-win situation? We think so, too!


6. Computer + Tablet + Smartphone.

The user interface of our online store in the ShopInSphere-Cloud works of course not only very well, it works also everywhere! No matter if your customers want to use your online store from their personal computers, tablets or smartphones. Your online store automatically adapts to the different devices fully functional. Additionally we provide a suitable app for iOS and Android, which gives you the possibility to inform your customers about special offers.


7. B2B or B2C? Or simply both?

The ShopInSphere-Cloud is perfect for small and medium-sized companies from German-speaking countries which want to sell their products with their online store to international business customers (B2B – Business-to-Business) and internal private customers (B2C – Business-to-Consumer) at the same time.

The developers of ShopInSphere

Visit us at Technologieterminal Ilmenau

ShopInSphere was developed from Internet Technologies AG (4FO AG) – a spin-off company of the Fraunhofer IDMT. In cooperation with acknowledged partners we offer new solutions in the area of B2B and B2C e-commerce. The 4FO AG is an official implentation partner of the Intershop Communications AG for many years.

With ShopInSphere we recently offer small and midsize companys online shops based on the Intershop Commerce Suite as a software as a service (SaaS). In addition we are hosting the Intershop Commerce Suite for agencies in the Amazon data center in Frankfurt as a platform as a service (PaaS). There the agencies are able to provide their own extensions and developing work for their customers.